Context-aware interactions in AR


Selerio is an AR start-up spin-out from the University of Cambridge. It makes deep interactions between virtual objects and physical objects possible by turning the real world into a structured 3D virtual space.

Our team consists of award-winning experts with several publications and presentations at top conferences such as CVPR, ICCV and SIGGRAPH. We also have 7+ years building AR products and releasing services to millions of developers.


Selerio SDK provides smart 3D anchors through which virtual objects interact with the real world. E.g., You can use a "couch anchor" to automatically execute a sit motion for your virtual character.
Real world
Structured 3D Virtual space
3D Interaction



Ghislain Fouodji, CEO. I have several years of experience releasing products to millions of developers and hiring teams. I am an ex-senior engineer from AWS.

Dr. Flora Tasse, CTO. I am an expert in AI and Graphics, a Google Doctoral Fellow, with a PhD from Cambridge University. I worked for YouTube and Microsoft Hololens.

Dr. Pavan Kumar, Senior AR research engineer. I am an expert in video optimization and delivery. I was a post-doc researcher at the KTH Institute and worked for IBM.

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