Augment the world inside your videos

Computer Graphics - Artificial Intelligence - Distributed Systems

A platform for augmenting videos

Selerio is an AR platform for next-generation video applications. It understands the world inside videos and automatically edits scenes for mixed reality applications.

This demo shows how Selerio already finds space and places a poster on the wall seamlessly, as if it was always there. And it does this for live videos as well!

Selerio screenshot

Next-generation of videos

Imagine being able to customize the world inside any video, live or on-demand.

Right now, videos are just a collection of pixels. Once shot they are immutable. We need to transform videos into living entities that respond to external stimuli such the time of the day, or who is the viewer.

Under the hood

Our technology is built on the latest research in Computer Vision/Graphics, Deep learning and Distributed Systems.

This core tech allows our AI agent to do within milliseconds what takes graphics artists hours.

The squad

It takes a squad of brilliant researchers and engineers to bring Selerio to life.

Ghislain photo
Ghislain Tasse, CEO
I have 7 years of experience in distributed systems. I worked as a senior engineer for Amazon where I built and scaled customer-facing AWS products and teams.
Flora photo
Dr Flora Tasse, CTO
I am a leading expert in Computer Graphics with a PhD from the University of Cambridge and work experience inside companies like YouTube and Microsoft.
Pavan photo
Dr Pavan Kumar, Senior Video Research Engineer
I am an expert in video playback and delivery with multiple publications in the field. I was a post-doc researcher at the KTH Institute and worked for IBM.