Selerio has been acquired by Streem! Together, we are on the path to be one of the largest consumer deployments of Utility AR.

Our team is excited to continue our journey under Streem’s umbrella and will be rebranding our product.

For current users of our SDK, your access remains as it is. You can continue developing with it and should not see any interruptions for at least one year. However, the SDK will now be frozen and we are hereby stopping further maintenance or support.


On behalf of the Selerio team, we thank our investors and most especially our users, who jumped early to try an experimental product.

When Flora and I started this, as first-time entrepreneurs, we never imagined we could get this far.  But we always believed we will have a huge impact in the spatial computing space.

Thank you for riding along with us on this journey and we hope you continue to come with us (Streem)!  Stay tuned for the major announcements we have coming later this year.

For more details, please check our medium OR email

Ghislain and Flora.